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2022 Promise Nursing Awards

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The evening of October 26th, 2022 was a very thankful and exciting one for the nursing department at Blue Mountain Hospital. Why? Because it was our first annual PROMISE Nursing Awards Banquet! Sulane Knight, Director of Nursing, Chris Haskell, Surgical Services Manager, Kesley Palmer, Dialysis Nurse Manager, and Abby Trevizo, Emergency Tech Lead, honored nine nursing staff members with a PROMISE Nursing Award.

What is a PROMISE Nursing Award? PROMISE is an acronym for Patient Centered, Respect, Ownership, Making a Difference, Innovation, Safety, and Excellence. Staff members and managers nominate members of the nursing staff that they believe exemplify all of these characteristics. Those incredible employees are honored at a banquet with their families for being an incredible person, nurse, and asset to Blue Mountain Hospital. 

The beautiful evening began with thanking all of the family members present. Sulane and Chris made it a point to recognize all of the family members for supporting the nurses while they are home and at work. Family was the theme of the night as board games and gift cards to local activities were given out as raffle prizes to encourage prioritizing family time and spending time with loved ones. 

Then, the PROMISE Awards Ceremony began. It was an emotional ceremony as the managers recognized employees and reflected on what makes them so special. 

Join us in congratulating and thanking:

Danielle Nakai

Danielle Nakai is one of the most dedicated hardworking employees at Blue Mountain Hospital. She provides exceptional service to every department, physician and surgical patient in the hospital. She prides herself on giving 110% everyday. Danielle rises to the challenge of ensuring the departments have the instrumentation and supplies they need to perform all procedures without a glitch. Danielle always performs her duties with grace and professionalism living up to the highest of Promise Standards. Her life revolves around perfection. Danielle is always the one who jumps in or stays late to ensure that all of the patient’s and surgeon's needs are met. There is never a time that we do not have everything we need. She is always looking for a way to improve a process or save the hospital money. I appreciate her so much and our department could not survive without her.

Kyle Wilson

Kyle Wilson is the newest person of the surgical team. Kyle exceeds the Promise Standards everyday. His ability to jump from Surgery to Med Surg and back all while performing amazing care is exceptional. Kyle is an amazing nurse who is so willing to care for a patient. Kyle provides exceptional nursing care while providing an amazing caring, loving environment. He is always willing to stay late, pick up extra shifts or just help out whenever he is asked. He has made our Surgery Department a better place. I appreciate Kyle so much and we are so happy to have him in our department.

Julee Slade

Julee Slade has stayed for the long haul. She has continued to stay with our department even when we have staff shortages the past few years. She provides exceptional patient care and is a very compassionate caring nurse. She exceeds the Promise Standards by providing exceptional patient care while training multiple "newbies" new nurses in our department. She is so willing to teach nurses who are new to our department the ropes. She is an amazing nurse who provides exceptional surgical training and amazing PACU nursing skills. She has provided multiple process improvements to the department and continues to complete the SSI log to track all of our surgical site infections.. I appreciate Julee for everything she does for our department.

Christina Brandt

For years Chris has been a true example and a leader to those around her. She exemplifies her position as a nurse in everything that she does. Christine goes above and beyond for the hospital. Many may not know, but she is the heartbeat of our nursery. Chris donates countless hours and money to make our nursery amazing. She spends hours tying hair bows, making blankets, Gathering items for the new year's baby for both hospitals, creating stunning bulletin boards, serving her fellow nurses as the med Surg lead, and donating countless amounts of bags filled with gifts for the newborns. When co-workers were asked why Christine should receive this award, there were many answers. One coworker stated, Chris goes out of her way to help others. When I ask her for help, she THANKS Me for letting her help me. She is kind and encouraging to all those that she works with. Chris is our rock in the storm and frequently rescues us when we need help. As a hospital, we want to recognize and thank Chris for her efforts. Blue Mountain Hospital is a better place because of you. Thank you, Chris, for everything you do!!

Kellie Mills

This year Kellie has just blown us away with her efforts and dedication to our hospital. Her peers nominated Kellie to receive this award. We want to recognize Kellie as an up-and-coming leader in our hospital. Kellie currently has taken on several new roles. She serves as our new Pediatric Emergency Coordinator and outreach provider; she also has taken on the role of our newborn Hearing Screening Coordinator as well. Kellie is always willing to pick up shifts when needed, help when crises arise and be a voice of calm and knowledge in intense situations. Kellie’s coworkers stated that she is so kind to talk to and always willing to listen. Kellie goes above and beyond at the bedside by being kind, attentive, and proactive about her patient's care. Kellie exemplifies what it means to be a PROMISE nurse at Blue Mountain Hospital. Thank you, Kellie, for your hard work and dedication to your coworkers and patients.

Brandi Baird

Brandi has been such a tremendous asset to our organization. Every time our hospital had a need she filled it. Brandi has always been willing to work anywhere she could to help out. This includes working in the OR, ER, Med Surg, and OB. She is currently serving as our Med/surg lead at this time. Brandi is such a positive light to those around her. She is constantly teaching training, and helping new nurses and students thrive and learn to be better nurses. In the past year Brandi has taken on several projects within the hospital that have led to increased organization, safety, and structure for our hospital. Brandi treats her patients with care and respect and is always proactive in recognizing a change in her patients and acting on it. Brandi We couldn’t run this hospital without you. We appreciate you and thank you for everything you have done for us and how you care for your patients. Congratulations Brandi.

Jordon Bradford

In the world of nurses, Jordon is exceptional in every way. Jordon has worked at BMH ever since he graduated from USU. He currently works in our Dialysis unit as a charge nurse and former Dialysis manager. His tireless work ethic and dedication to our hospital are noticed every day. Jordon is a great leader and one of the most organized people I know. Jordon's positive attitude and happiness are contagious among his coworkers and patients. He strives tirelessly to help our new manager and me learn and take advantage of the important things. He is willing to learn, take on tasks, and help out in any way possible. We wouldn’t have had the success we have had with our Dialysis Unit if it wasn’t for Jordon. Jordon shows what it means to be a PROMISE nurse. He proves it every day in how he cares for others and treats his coworkers. Jordan, thank you so much for your dedication and efforts in making Blue Mountain Hospital the place it is today. Congratulations Jordon.

Lauren Steve

Lauren is our dialysis clinical supervisor and tech lead. Lauren is an amazing example of what it means to show PROMISE at the bedside. This past year Lauren has been tasked with leading and caring for our dialysis center. She is dedicated and a hard worker. She is very supportive, efficient, and willing to help out others. Lauren has worked very hard to increase her knowledge and has successfully helped us establish a new PD program. Lauren is such an amazing person to be around, and we want Lauren to know how much we appreciate her years of service and how she demonstrates our PROMISE standards. Thank you, Lauren, and Congratulations.

Sage Benally

We would like to recognize Sage Benally with the PROMISE award. Sage demonstrates to everyone he works with cares for what the meaning of PROMISE is. He is committed to providing excellent care to every one of his patients. Sage continuously stays seven steps ahead of the provider and the nurse and anticipates what they and the patient will need next and already has it done. He finds solutions to problems while being safe and respectful to everyone around him. Sage is kind, generous, and a great mentor to all. We appreciate all the positivity and great efforts to continue making our hospital an amazing place to work and be cared for. Thank you, Sage, for your efforts and congratulations.


The PROMISE Awards Banquet was held at the Utah State University - Blanding Arts & Events Center and was catered by our own Blue Mountain Bistro led by Mace Knight. Thank you to all of our community partners for helping us put on this event.