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Joint Replacements

Approximately 1 in every 12 adults over the age of 25 will have knee replacements in their lifetime. The number of total hip replacements needed for adults is expected to rise 137% over the next ten years. And, the number of joint replacement procedures performed has doubled in the past decade. Partial and total joint replacements are not something that anyone looks forward to, but if you need one then it's important to know where you can go for the best care. Blue Mountain Hospital is that place.

BMH's Joint Replacements are performed by Dr. Matthew Lyman who was exposed to total joint replacements during this orthopedic residency training and sought out additional training. He went on to complete a year of training in joint replacements at the renowned Barnes-Jewish Hospital at Washington University in St. Louis. He is currently a member of the American Academy of Hip and Knee Surgeons and has performed many hip, knee, and shoulder replacements.


Blue Mountain Hospital is proud to now be home to a HANA table, which allows Dr. Lyman to perform hip replacements through the anterior approach. The anterior approach is beneficial to the patient for many reasons. The approach splits muscles instead of cutting them leading to less pain, shorter hospitalizations, and faster recovery times.

For patients that are not eligible for the anterior approach because of pre-existing medical conditions (obesity, wide pelvic bone, etc.), Dr. Lyman also performs hip replacements through the posterior approach. This is the approach that the majority of surgeons in the U.S. utilize and boasts an incredibly high success rate. Because the risk of dislocation is a little higher with this approach (about 1-2%), patients can expect to follow “hip precautions" for 6 weeks after the procedure.


Do you want to be able to truly trust your doctor when they give you their opinion on knee replacements, like how the surgery and recovery goes? Dr. Lyman is the doctor for you because he just recently had his own knee replaced and has the same implants that he uses for his patients. He also believes in the “FUZION” device for implanting the knee, which allows him to balance the knee and leads to the knee knocking less and feeling more stable. Knee replacement is an excellent procedure for relieving the pain of arthritis. If you are struggling, schedule a consultation with Dr. Lyman to find out how he can help!


People can need shoulder replacements, and other joint replacements for many reasons such as osteoarthritis and irreparable rotator cuff tears. For shoulder replacements at Blue Mountain Hospital, Dr. Lyman uses the Arthrex System which includes taking a CT scan to create a virtual 3D model of the patient. Then a device is made based on the 3D model which guides the implantation of the shoulder. This process can lead to higher and longer success rates for shoulder replacements and less recovery for patients. Dr. Lyman performs both anatomic and reverse shoulder replacement.