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Telehealth Services at BMH

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Telehealth Services at BMH

You may (or may not) know that Blue Mountain Hospital offers a variety of telehealth services so that we can better serve our community with access to larger healthcare services and more providers to attend to our patients. These services make it possible for our patients to stay close to home while getting all of the attention and care that they need. It’s an incredible partnership that we are greatly proud of. Now, those services are expanding to Telehealth Stroke services too! 

In case you didn't know about our new and current telehealth services, let's talk about them!

Blue Mountain Hospital's telehealth services include Critical Care, Newborn, Hospitalist, and Stroke. All of these telehealth services are made possible by our partnership with Intermountain Healthcare. Through this partnership, we have been able to implement high-definition cameras, audio equipment, and televisions in patient rooms that clinicians can use to quickly connect to experts and providers at Intermountain Healthcare 24/7. 

Although the idea of cameras and audio technology might sound simple, the education and training around these telehealth programs allow trained staff and specialists on both ends of the camera to provide seamless, superior care. 

While the base for each telehealth service is very similar, there are special circumstances around each service to cater to those in need. 

Critical Care

Unfortunately, there are many conditions and instances that would require a patient to be in critical care. Many in our area assume that they have to travel to a larger city to get the treatment that they need which leads to long drives, expensive travel bills, and time away from home. With BMH's partnership, patients can still receive all of the care and attention they need while in a critical situation while staying at home right here in our community. 


According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, approximately 10 percent of newborns require some assistance to begin breathing at birth. That is not meant to scare anyone but only meant to educate that it's important to have adequate help available when newborns make their appearance. Thanks to our partnership with Intermountain Healthcare, newborns and new moms who need additional assistance can be connected with pediatricians, neonatologists, and neonatal nurse practitioners that are specially trained to care for you.  


Hospitalist care with telehealth is a comprehensive service that can help our staff at Blue Mountain Hospital provide for our patients. The service is staffed with 24/7 physicians and nurses to help with overall care management, consultations, night-time admissions, and rounding on patients throughout the evening. This ensures that our patients are always taken care of and looked after whether it's our team or virtually with our team members at Intermountain Healthcare. 


During a stroke, a patient loses thousands of brain cells per second. Rapidly diagnosing and treating stroke is critical to better outcomes for patients. Blue Mountain Hospital's partnership with Intermountain Healthcare allows us to quickly connect with their neurologists and neurology staff to quickly identify issues and solutions for our patients suffering from a stroke. This also allows patients to stay close to home during their treatment and recovery.  

Blue Mountain Hospital is very excited about the opportunities that come with our partnership with Intermountain Healthcare. We are passionate about caring for our patients and our community and these services will only help us provide better care.