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Blanding Dialysis Services

State-of-the-Art Kidney Failure Treatment

Blue Mountain Hospital's Dialysis Center offers two types of dialysis treatment for individuals with end-stage kidney disease: hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis. Dialysis is a necessary, life-saving treatment for those suffering from kidney disease. Our Dialysis Team is passionate about our patient's kidney and overall health.

The dialysis staff is highly skilled in caring for patients with kidney disease. A capable team consisting of a nephrologist physician, a nephrology nurse, dialysis technician, social worker and dietitian work together to facilitate treatment.


Hemodialysis is the process of filtering a person's blood of wastes and excess water, performing the job that kidneys normally do when properly functioning. It requires the patient to come to BMH and be hooked to a dialysis machine that performs that purifying process.

Patient comfort was in mind when planning the hemodialysis center at Blue Mountain Hospital. It is surrounded by windows which provides a beautiful mountain view and has a bright and airy feel. There are 8 stations with state-of-art equipment. Each station has its own personal television and headphones. Extra comforts such as warmed blankets are available for all of our patients.

Peritoneal Dialysis

Blue Mountain Hospital Kidney Care offers an at-home peritoneal dialysis option for our patients. Peritoneal dialysis is a specific treatment that uses the lining of your abdomen, kind of like a coffee filter, to help with the process of detoxifying the blood. Instead of coming to BMH to receive your dialysis treatment, patients can take home a peritoneal dialysis machine.

This dialysis option allows for more freedom and flexibility for our patients. They have the ability to do the process at home instead of coming to the hospital and most peritoneal dialysis patients do the majority of the process overnight.

Dialysis for Visiting Guests

Blue Mountain hospital dialysis also offers services for guest dialysis patients. A guest patient is someone who wants to travel through the area, yet requires dialysis three times a week. If you would like more information about our guest dialysis services, or you would like to make arrangements to be a guest dialysis patient, please contact us or call 435-678-4825 at least two weeks before you expect to be in our area and need our services.