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Swing Bed Services at Blue Mountain Hospital

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Swing Bed Services at Blue Mountain Hospital

What is a swing bed? If you are picturing a swinging bed or some type of swinging arm or other device coming from a bed then you aren't alone, but you are a little off. Don't feel bad. I was in the same position too before I sat down with our Director of Nursing, Sulane Knight, to learn more about the Swing Bed services that we offer at Blue Mountain Hospital. 

So let's start with the question: what is a swing bed? It is not an actual type of bed. Instead, it is a term used to describe a specific room and type of service offered by critical access and rural hospitals like Blue Mountain Hospital. At Blue Mountain Hospital, our swing bed services are available to patients who need temporary assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs), occupational therapy, or physical therapy following a major life event or surgical procedure, but don't need a nursing home or long-term care.

It's important for us at BMH to make sure that our patients in the community and surrounding areas know about our swing bed services so they don't travel unnecessarily, leave their families for extended periods, or miss out on family events. Many patients who opt to have surgery out of town or need to get flown to another facility for care think that they have to go back to that facility to rehab. However, you can rehab right here at home! 

When you choose the swing bed services at Blue Mountain Hospital you can stay close to your family and friends and check out as needed to attend birthday parties and other functions. Your loved ones will know that you are safe and cared for at the end of the day when you check back in for the evening. 

In addition to rehabilitation swing bed services, Blue Mountain Hospital's swing bed rooms can also be used for respite care. This service allows caretakers who are responsible for a patient in hospice care to give themselves a break. The caretaker can bring the hospice patient to BMH and we will care for them while they go out of town or tend to any other family obligations. 

The goal of all our of services at Blue Mountain Hospital is to care for our patients in the best way possible and do what we can do improve their lives. We aim to do that with our Swing Bed service by keeping families together, saving families time and expenses of traveling to other facilities, and allowing them to feel free and comfortable while receiving care and rehabilitation therapy. 

You can learn more about our swing bed services here. And, if you are interested in learning even more or seeing if the room is available for yourself or a loved one, please contact us at 435-678-3993.