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Stay Safe this Summer!

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Stay Safe this Summer!

Happy Summer!

If you're anything like me, summer brings thoughts of being on a boat, going on vacation, enjoying outdoor concerts, biking in the mountains, and cooking out with family and friends.

Summer is full of great fun, but it's also filled with a lot of health hazards and Blue Mountain Hospital wants to make sure that you have fun AND stay healthy. So, we put together a list of tips and tricks for you:

1) Stay Active and Exercise: But, make sure to do it safely by exercising in the morning or late evening when it isn't as hot. Make sure you're drinking plenty of water while you work out and wear lightweight or light colored clothing.

2) Eat Healthy Foods: While you should always pay attention to the foods that you eat, you should also pay attention to how you are handling your food, specifically in the summer. Make sure to wash your hands and utensils before serving food. If you're cooking out or enjoying a picnic, remember to wash your fruits and veggies, keep your dairy products cold, and use a meat thermometer.

3) Keep Your Skin Safe: One of the biggest threats of the summer season is the sun! Combat those painful sunburns by covering up. Make sure to wear light-colored long sleeves when you can and don't forget the sunglasses and hats too. Remember to pack, apply, and reapply sunscreen. Scope out the shadiest spot you can find or hop in the shade every so often to keep cool and protect your skin. Also, make sure to use chapstick to protect your lips.

4) Stay Hydrated: You should always make a point to drink water throughout the day, but during the summer (especially the hottest days) drink more water than you normally would to stay hydrated. You can even get creative and put frozen fruits in your water. You could also eat foods that are high in water content like watermelon or cucumbers.

5) Have the Bug Spray Close: Bug bites are uncomfortable and potentially dangerous. When outdoors, make sure to have repellant nearby and wear long sleeves and long pants to avoid exposure to those pesky bugs. When you come home, check your clothes, body, and your pets for bites and bugs.

6) Enjoy Water Safely: Summer is prime pool, lake, beach time! Make sure to stay close to your friends and family so that they are there for you and you are there for them. Always wear a life jacket, even if you are confident in your swimming skills. Double check to make sure that there are lifeguards on duty and you could even brush up on your CPR, just in case.

7) Know your Fire Safety: Especially in our area, you need to pay special attention to fire safety. Make sure that you know if there are any fire restrictions in the area you live or any area you plan to visit. If you and your family are around a fire, check on the kids frequently and teach them fire safety. AND, please please please completely put your fires out before leaving camp or going inside for the night.

Now that you are equipped with how to stay healthy, go be happy and enjoy the summer!