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Blue Mountain Hospital Offers 3D Mammograms to the Community

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Blue Mountain Hospital Offers 3D Mammograms to the Community

Let’s talk about breasts!

More specifically, let’s talk about breast health and mammograms. Did you also know that Blue Mountain Hospital is home to the only 3D mammography machine in San Juan County?

In case you didn’t know, here’s the difference between 2D and 3D mammograms:

With traditional 2D mammograms, images are taken from the top and the side of the breast which creates one flat, lower-resolution image that is harder to read and diagnose. This can result in missed cancers, false abnormalities, and scary call backs to the doctor’s office.

mammogram image of breastIn comparison, 3D mammograms consist of 15 different images taken in an arc from the tops and sides of the breast. The images (also referred to as slices) are overlaid to create a three-dimensional view of the breast. These comprehensive images are more detailed and easier to read. Radiologists are then able to get a better view of the breast tissue and focus in on individual slices which can increase cancer detection by up to 40%!

Almost as important as the machine taking the images are the staff members that are reading them and helping you through the process. All members of our radiology staff are incredibly talented, competent, caring, and passionate about taking care of their patients. Blue Mountain Hospital’s ultrasound technician is certified in breast sonography. We also work with the amazing staff at Revere Health in Provo, UT and they are the ones who read all of our imaging.

“I cannot say enough about our staff at Blue Mountain Hospital and Revere Health. We are so lucky to have them on our team,” said Reesie.

One more thing

3D mammography logoBlue Mountain Hospital offers cash pricing for mammograms. If you are without insurance or don’t want to use your insurance at BMH, an all-inclusive mammogram costs only $149. In October for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we offer a special cash price of $99.

If you are approaching the age where mammograms are becoming important, notice anything out of the ordinary with your breast health, or have a friend or family member that needs a mammogram, make sure that they know about Blue Mountain Hospital’s 3D mammograms.