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An April Fools Day Tale from BMH

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An April Fools Day Tale from BMH

It was a normal day at Blue Mountain Hospital. Staff members were logging onto their computers, patients were checking in, and nurses were making their morning rounds.

Maurine was working at the front desk when Dr. Lyman paid her a visit.

"This patient is having some knee pain. Can you set her up with an appointment? Her name is Myra Mains and here is her number," said Dr. Lyman

"Of course!" said Maurine.

She then went about doing what she would do for any other referral. She tried to find the patient in the system, get a hold of her at the number provided, and searched the records, but she could not find any record of this patient. After calling the number provided by Dr. Lyman a few times and searching the system and records again with no avail, Maurine asked for the help of her colleague, Lisa, and her supervisor, Denise.

"Denise, Dr. Lyman asked me to set up an appointment for this patient, Myra Mains, because she's having some knee pain, but whenever I call the number he gave me I keep getting the mortuary. If it was knee pain, I can't image she died from it!" they said.

"Well...people with knee pain often have multiple co-morbidities," said Denise.

They tried to call the number one more time.

"Hi, this is Blue Mountain Hospital looking for Myra Mains. Is she there?" said Lisa.

"No, we've received multiple calls today, but there is no one here by that name. It's only the two of us here. If anyone else is here then they are dead," said the mortuary staff.

They thought the rest of the day about how they were going to find this patient and fulfill Dr. Lyman's request. The work day ended and everyone went home.

While enjoying dinner at home, Denise received a text message from Lisa that said "I think I figured it out. I think Dr. Lyman pranked us!"

Did you catch the prank? Myra Mains…My raMains…”my remains”

Dr. Lyman didn't think much of it. He expected them to catch on right away. It was April Fool's Day and he asked the staff to set up a patient for Myra Mains who can be reached at the mortuary. But, our staff is dedicated and wanted to make sure this “patient” got the care she needed.

After everyone found out that they had been fooled, they decided to start a new tradition at BMH. Dr. Lyman was awarded the "April Fool’s Day Prank War Champion" t-shirt, but will he keep it get it again next year? Stay tuned for April 1, 2022!