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BMHs Mission, Vision, & Values

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BMHs Mission, Vision, & Values

Every organization has a mission, a vision, and a list of values. Normally, these are set at the start of an organization and are supposed to be the driving force behind everything that they do. But, too often, the mission, vision, and values are put on a website or a rack card and aren't thought of again.

Blue Mountain Hospital has a mission, a vision, and a handful of values that we want to live by and emulate. And, we do. We are proud to work towards our mission, strive for our vision, and stick to our values.

Blue Mountain Hospital's mission is to provide an atmosphere of excellence in healing, quality physician care, and inspired employees.

Let's start at the beginning. BMH is proud of the atmosphere of excellence in healing and quality physician care. We provide a high level of care that is not always expected from a rural hospital. We have an incredible team that contributes to patient care from our providers to our food services staff and everyone in between. Blue Mountain Hospital is honored to have the employees that we do. They all have impressive backgrounds, education, and experience that let them care for our patients in a way that many cannot. We regularly survey our patients to make sure that we are living up to their standard and our own.

Not only do we have a caring, capable, and compassionate team that cares for our patients, but BMH is also focused on making sure that they are "inspired". To us, this means that our employees love what they do and love where they work. Any nurse will help a patient when they are feeling low, any HR director will help an employee file some paperwork, any pharmacist will fulfill a patient prescription, and so on. But, do those employees have passion? Do they work hard for their employer? Do they enjoy coming to work? That's what Blue Mountain Hospital strives for and we believe that we work towards that mission all the time. Blue Mountain Hospital tries to make this a fun place to work while building a family at the office and giving our employees the opportunity to excel and succeed.

Blue Mountain Hospital's vision is to be the standard for rural hospitals.

You've (hopefully) seen it on our website, our marketing materials, our e-newsletter and many other places. BMH's tagline is "Setting the Standard for Rural Hospitals since 2009". It's not only a vision for the future, but it's what we believe right now. We know that Blue Mountain Hospital should be the standard that other rural hospitals look up to and hope to achieve for themselves. We are always looking for new and innovative ways to care for our patients, support our staff, and improve our hospital.

Blue Mountain Hospital may only have 11 beds and be located in a small, rural area of Utah, but we make up for it in our providers, services, technological advancements, and partnerships. We already mentioned our high caliber of providers from our doctors, surgeons, nurses, techs, and everyone in between. And, while we could dedicate multiple blogs to how great they are, let's focus on the other aspects. BMH is open and accepting of technology that could help us provide even more to our patients and community. There's technology that we have had for a while such as our Telestroke Machine, Stemi-Hot Line Technology, mobile MRI machine, peritoneal dialysis machines, and many others. And, we recently have added more. We now have new hemodialysis machines, Tele-CCU services with Intermountain Healthcarea sleep study center with Newport Health, and we are using our technology in new ways like our Interventional Radiology Injections.

Blue Mountain Hospital strives to exemplify our values of excellence, integrity, respect, cultural sensitivity, compassion, accountability, stewardship, and collaboration.

Some may think that you can't spread yourselves so thin and be dedicated to so many values without something missing out or sacrificing one for another, but we do not feel that way. Blue Mountain Hospital has many values and we dedicate ourselves to each and every one of them, every day. Excellence. Integrity. Respect. Cultural Sensitivity. Compassion. Accountability. Stewardship. Collaboration. They each mean things individually and we could go into the definitions of each, say what each one means to us, and how we exemplify each and every one, but we would be here all night! But, we think it's better to talk about what they all mean as a whole in our values statement.

All together, these words, these values portray what Blue Mountain Hospital is all about. We are small, but we are mighty. BMH strives to be the very best we can be. We believe in ourselves and believe in our patients. We value transparency, honesty, and respect with our employees, patients, and community. We know that because of where we are located, we must be conscious about how we interact with different cultures and be accepting of all people. Compassion is synonymous with Blue Mountain Hospital. Not only are our providers and staff compassionate, but the overall vibe of BMH is compassionate. We are accountable. BMH puts our patients and community's best interests first and always feel strong about being able to justify our actions. We comply with the law of the court and ethical codes of conduct to the highest standards. We focus on the appropriate allocation of resources for patient care thinking about how it benefits, harms, and the overall costs not only to BMH, but our partners and community. We are always open and willing to work with others and create partnerships that will better BMH and improve our level of patient care.

We hope that this helps you understand what Blue Mountain Hospital stands for and what you can expect on your next visit.