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Breast Cancer Awareness Month at BMH

Since 1985, October has been designated as Breast Cancer Awareness Month to bring forward the importance of monitoring breast health in women everywhere. Breast cancer effects one in eight women in the United States and is the second leading cause of cancer death in women. While breast cancer is not always treatable or preventable, if caught early enough the five year survival rate of breast cancer is almost 100%!

So, how do you detect breast cancer early enough to fight it? ANNUAL SCREENING MAMMOGRAMS! More importantly, the best preventable measure you can take to protect yourself and encourage your loved ones to protect themselves, is by receiving an annual 3D mammogram which can increase the possibility of early detection by 30-40% more than standard mammograms.

This October, Blue Mountain Hospital is doing everything we can to educate the public on the importance of receiving annual mammograms and encouraging women to opt for a hospital or clinic that offers 3D mammograms. If you are 40 or older of if you have a history of breast cancer, then please keep reading and call now to make your appointment at Blue Mountain Hospital this October.

  • Special $99 Cash Price
    • Do not miss out on this potentially life-saving annual screening mammogram just because of the price. Blue Mountain Hospital is offering a special cash price of $99, compared to our normal cash price of $149, for those who do not have or do not want to use your health insurance.
  • Walk Away with Peace of Mind and a Gift
    • Everyone who gets a mammogram throughout the month of October will not only walk away with the confidence that they may have saved their life, but you will also walk away with a Hope cosmetic bag filled with extra goodies.
  • The Gift That (Might) Keep On Giving
    • In addition to your guaranteed gift, you will be entered into weekly and grand prize drawings! Get a mammogram, cross your fingers, and win purses & bags, blankets, robes, kitchen supplies, gift cards, and more! You will get raffle tickets after your screening mammogram and be able to place them into which prize you want!
  • Book Early & Be Entered to Win Again
    • Book your annual screening mammogram at Blue Mountain Hospital before October 1st and get an extra entry to our prize raffle! It's important to make an appointment and commit to it in the name of your health and safety! Call 435-678-3993 to make your appointment!
  • Refer a Friend & Be Entered to Win One More Time
    • Breast Cancer Awareness Month is about caring for women's bodies and creating a community of safe, healthy women. We should all be encouraging our friends, family, and colleagues to take a step in their future by making an appointment for their annual screening mammogram. If you refer a friend, you will get an extra entry to our prize raffle!
  • Walk-In Screening Mammogram Day
    • Can't make an appointment? That's okay! Blue Mountain Hospital's Radiology Department is hosting a walk-in annual screening mammogram day on October 15th! Come on in for your $99 cash mammogram and chance for prizes.
  • On Friday, We Wear Pink
    • Search your closet for anything and everything PINK! Join the Blue Mountain Hospital staff on Friday, October 7th for a pink day as we help sponsor the San Juan Broncos Breast Cancer Awareness Game against Beaver! We will all be wearing our breast cancer awareness month t-shirts and supporting our team!
  • Eat Smart for The Boobs
    • Did you know that there are certain foods that have been linked to lower chances of breast cancer and increases in breast health? Blue Mountain Bistro does and they are going to feature a week of boob-friendly lunch specials during the week of 17th which aligns with National Mammography Day!

In all seriousness, Blue Mountain Hospital wants to make this year's breast cancer awareness month the most successful that we've had. We are passionate about keeping the women of our community safe and healthy. Please make your mammogram appointment and encourage your friends and family to make theirs as well. Call us at 435-678-3993