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Manish Pandya, MD

About Manish

Dr. Manish Pandya is a Nephrologist who works with dialysis patients at Blue Mountain Hospital. 

A native of India, Dr. Pandya entered medical school at age 18 and spent five years studying medicine there under a British derived medical school system. He spent the final half-year of medical school in the United States at New York’s Albert Einstein College of Medicine. He later served his residency in Baltimore, Maryland at St. Agnes Hospital and Johns Hopkins University. Following his residency, Dr. Pandya and his new wife, Holly (a native of Virginia) decided to settle in Farmington, New Mexico, an area of the country that was underserved by kidney doctors. This allowed Dr. Pandya to remain in the United States, rather than having to return to India after his residency. He and Holly have been living in Farmington the past fifteen years, raising their three children and both practicing medicine. Dr. Holly Abernethy, M.D., is a Family Practice physician with Piñon Family Practice.

Dr. Pandya has been working at Blue Mountain Hospital since 2010, but for the last year he has worked at BMH and UNHS under his own practice, rather than his former partnership.

“I practice all over the Four Corners area, from Flagstaff to Pagosa Springs and from Moab to Window Rock,” the Doctor explains. “I go back to Farmington to sleep and see my family.”

He said working with Blue Mountain Hospital and UNHS is a rewarding experience, with excellent support from administrations in both organizations.

“They are great to work with and the provider staff has been excellent. The people are nice and the patients are great. It is an honor to be part of both institutions,” he stressed. “Their hearts are in the right place and they have a long-term vision of healthcare as a unique program that helps people beyond what the current system is designed to do. It’s an honor to be part of an active program designed to prevent illnesses and stop the problems from coming on.”

Dr. Pandya’s father was a kidney doctor in India, and he tried to avoid following in his father’s footsteps. In fact, his father discouraged him from becoming a doctor, noting that by the time he completed the mandatory medical training, under the British System, he would have used up the best twenty years of his youth. The Doctor said his sister took her father’s advice and became a computer programmer with Apple, but the Doctor decided he wanted to work with people. He said he became a Nephrologist because being a kidney doctor offers a nice mix of challenges and rewards. He was recently named the BMH Dialysis Medical Director.