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High Blood Pressure Education Month at BMH

May is National High Blood Pressure Education Month. High blood pressure, most commonly known as hypertension, is a major health problem. Consistent high blood pressure can quietly damage the body for years before symptoms develop and when symptoms develop, it can be hard to battle it. High blood pressure can lead to damaged arteries, aneurysms, coronary artery disease, heart failure, stroke, cognitive impairment or decline, kidney failure, pregnancy complications, and more.

Sharing this information isn't meant to scare you. We just want to make sure that everyone is educated about the importance of knowing your blood pressure and keeping yourself healthy and happy. To help the community stay aware of their blood pressure, Blue Mountain Hospital is celebrating throughout the month of May with Lipid Profiles (which include cholesterol, HDL, LDL, and Trig) at a special cash price and an opportunity to win a blood pressure monitor!

Lipid Profiles at Special Cash Price

Your cholesterol levels can have a direct effect on your blood pressure. Even mildly increased cholesterol levels could influence blood pressure. When the body can't clear cholesterol from the bloodstream, the excess can clog artery walls which leads to the heart working harder and causing high blood pressure. Because of this relationship, Blue Mountain Hospital is offering Lipid Profiles at a special cash price for the month of May.

The Details:

  • Lipid Profile Cash Price is $27.50
  • Patients MUST have an appointment. You can make an appointment by calling 435-678-3993
  • It is strongly recommended (but not required) that you fast for 12 hours prior to your lipid profile.
  • To receive your results, you can either fill out a Medical Records Request when you check-in for your appointment or contact our Medical Records after your appointment

Win a Lazle Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor!

It would be hard to manage your blood pressure if you didn't know what it was. Blue Mountain Hospital wants to help you with that. Everyone knows that Cheerios are good for your heart health, so we filled a container with Cheerios and we want you to guess how many are there. Stop by the Front Desk at BMH and submit your guess. The closest guess (without going over) will win a blood pressure monitor.