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Studer Group training is paying dividends for BMH and UNHS - Medically Speaking, Volume Three, Number Nine, 3/17/16

If you ask administrators at Blue Mountain Hospital or Utah Navajo Health System, Inc. to name a reason for the success of their organizations over the past year, they might just mention their partnership with the Studer Group®.

BMH and UNHS have both teamed with the Studer Group® to receive some of the best coaching and training in the industry through Studer Group's Learning Lab. This is their link to best practices that have been harvested, tested, and refined from hundreds of healthcare organizations across America. According to the Studer Group's mission statement, their organization 'draws from its work with a network of exceptional organizations to create videos, training tools, and articles that will help you achieve results in your organization. As a member, you will have the exclusive opportunity to these resources.'

Studer Group® works with healthcare organizations in the United States, Canada, Australia, and beyond, to help them achieve and sustain exceptional improvement in clinical outcomes and financial results. Studer Group® partners with organizations to build a sustainable culture that pro- motes accountability, fosters innovation, and consistently delivers a great patient experience and the best quality outcomes over time. To make healthcare better - for employees to work, physicians to practice medicine and patients to receive care. They promote teamwork, respect, integrity, generosity, learning and measurable achievement.

BMH CEO Jeremy Lyman explained that training through Studer Group® has fostered a unique corporate culture in areas like communication, coaching, leadership and accountability tools. All of which have made a significant impact on hospital administration and staff. During a recent CMS survey (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services), surveyors praised the hospital staff for being happy, friendly, inviting and welcoming. Lyman attributed these remarks, in part, to training by Studer Group® coaches. He said Studer Group® training helps administrators attract the right kind of employees, promotes increased employee satisfaction and brings a positive attitude to the hospital's overall environment.

Each hospital department leader establishes eight to ten goals for that department each year. These goals are objective and measureable in various categories like, quality, patient experience/satisfaction, growth, improved financial achievement, employee engagement/satisfaction and com- munity engagement/satisfaction. These department leaders help set the goals for their department and make sure the tools are available to succeed. These leaders are held to specific standards and are accountable for achieving these goals.

"This is a good way to know how each department is doing without waiting for surprises at the end of the year," Lyman said. "We know the goals and they help us identify where we need help and what support is needed."

UNHS CEO Michael Jensen said Studer training has helped improve the way his organization does customer service. He said it has changed the way staff introduces themselves to patients and calls them back to the screen rooms.

"They are encouraged to walk out into the lobby and talk to them personally, rather than calling out their name. It puts patients at ease and keeps them informed," he added. "The training has helped promote greater teamwork and makes us all more aware of customer service."

When asked how UNHS staff has responded to the Studer training, Jensen said the overall response has been good. "Goals are set and monitored. Staff is accountable for those goals. We don't expect to master each of the goals right away, but if we can be 90% compliant with those goals, 90% of the time that is a significant accomplishment. We call it the 90/90 rule."

Jensen said the Studer Group® training has been valuable in improving the overall performance of UNHS and will continue to make a difference. He said it is worth doing.

The success of Studer training for both BMH and UNHS has been significant and measureable to date, and as the training continues, both organizations expect to see even more measureable improvements in customer service, employee performance, patient and employee satisfaction and community engagement. All of which will help bring improved, quality health care to the residents of San Juan County.

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