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FOR RELEASE March 15, 2016

Blue Mountain Hospital is pleased to announce the expansion of its advanced clinical diagnostic laboratory program.

According to BMH personnel, this expansion of services will allow the hospital to better serve their patients. The program will be provided by BMH's in-house laboratory as well as through alliances with reference laboratories and other strategic partners. BMH will provide enhanced compliance tools for physicians and patients with outreach to a larger population.

Through this expansion BMH administration continues to focus on their primary mission of providing high quality healthcare services to the people of San Juan County and all others seeking health care services. They look forward to supporting patients and physicians with this new program.


Blue Mountain Hospital is committed to provide the highest quality healthcare services to the people of San Juan County and all others needing health care services. The Hospital is committed to treat each patient with dignity and respect and to provide culturally sensitive safe care with highly trained staff while exercising financial prudence and integrity.


Blue Mountain Hospital vision is to become a permanent Medical Home for the populations of all communities in southern San Juan County. This goal includes improved access to quality healthcare services in a fully integrated healthcare system that efficiently addresses the health care needs of this critical population and demonstrates, through data, ongoing significant improvements in health of all ages and measurable improvements of disease status of the local people.


Blue Mountain Hospital values the wonderful people and their cultural beliefs and values within the Hospital's service area and desires to provide high quality, safety oriented services and is committed to provide culturally sensitive care.

Blue Mountain Hospital values patient safety, patient rights, technology, education, and training. The Hospital is committed to continuing education, ongoing training and providing high quality equipment.

Blue Mountain Hospital values the input and service of their greatest resource; their employees.

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