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New UNHS Provider home at UNHS MVC - Medically Speaking, Volume Three, Number Seven, 1/21/16

The newest addition to the UNHS Community Health Center in Monument Valley is a modular duplex home that will be used as housing for providers at the clinic.

Crews have been working on the project for a month and they expected to have the home finished by the end of last week. Terry Mose, who was part of the crew installing the home, said it consists of two 1800 square-foot apartments with 2 bedrooms, one bath, a large living room and a nice kitchen. The homes are heated with natural gas or propane. Both have driveways, outside stairs and handicap accessible ramps. They also have washers and dryers installed.

Above, crews prepare for concrete work, while photo at left shows Terry Mose in the living of one duplex with the washers and dryers that would be installed

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