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Letters from our Patients - Medically Speaking, Volume Two, Number Twelve, 6/18/15

Blue Mountain Hospital strives to provide the highest level of quality care to the community. We are grateful for the opportunity to serve and we appreciate all of the feedback we receive. We appreciate feedback that provides us with insights into ways we can improve and also feedback that highlights areas in which we are doing well. From time to time we receive letters from patients and their families, thanking us for the care they received. The following is one such letter. With the permission of the kind couple who wrote the letter, we would like to share it with you.

---- Jeremy Lyman, CEO

Dear Dr. Bonds and Dr. Jones,

My husband was brought to the Blue Mountain Hospital emergency room by ambulance from Monument Valley last month and received care from you both. I believe you saved his life by determining the nature of his illness, locating a bed for him in the intensive care unit at LDS hospital in Salt Lake City and arranging air transportation to get him there.

He was diagnosed with ischemic colitis and, fortunately, responded to antibiotics and avoided surgery for the intestinal blockage. We have been home now for just over a month and, although he is still weak, he is doing well, finally eating a normal diet, and slowly regaining a few of the thirteen pounds he lost during his illness.

We are so very grateful for the attention he received at Blue Mountain Hospital and would like to make a small contribution as a token of our appreciation.

Patient’s name was withheld

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