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Burdett Shumway is BMH Employee of the Year - Medically Speaking, Volume Three, Number Six, 12/17/15

Perhaps the only person in the room that was surprised to hear Burdette Shumway's name called as the Blue Mountain Hospital Employee of the Year for 2015 was Burdette, himself.

The announcement was made on December 10, during the hospital's annual Christmas Party, by BMH Board President Bradley Hight, who asked everyone to stand, saying that the winner of the award should have at least one standing ovation.

"Although Blue Mountain Hospital has many dedicated employees, this individual stands out as one of the best," Hight said. "He works hard and he's always willing to help everyone at the hospital. And he always does it with a smile on his face."

In accepting the award, Shumway simply said, "I really appreciate you guys. This is cool. Thank you."

Congratulations to Burdette, a man whose actions really do speak louder than his words. This award is much deserved. Well done!

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