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Patient Appreciation Month Winners Announced - Medically Speaking, Volume One, Number Twelve, 6/12/14

The winners of the Patient Appreciation Month drawings for Blue Mountain Hospital and Utah

Navajo Health System, Inc. were announced in May. Their photos are shown below.

Blue Mountain Hospital Winners

• Grand Prize Rosa Thobe of Monticello with the Kindle Fire

Kent Turek (L) and Trent Herring (R)

• 2nd Prize winner Niquee Balch of Blanding with a Camp Chef

Kent Turek (L) and Trent Herring (R)

• 3rd Prize Winner George Yonkers of Blanding with a $75.00 Gift Certificate to Clark's Market

Kent Turek (L) and Trent Herring (R)

Utah Navajo Health System, Inc

• Zandra Warren of Montezuma Creek with Kim Anderson (L) and Michael Jensen (R) winners of a

Family Tent.

• Shannon Luna of Monument Valley winner of a Family Tent • Lynn Bia and Jimmy Johnson with Grill won by Lynn’s father Jasper Barney of Montezuma Creek.

• Enrique Comez winner of a Home Theater System at Blanding Family Practice.

• (Middle Top) Penny Tomasyo winner of a Home Theater System at Navajo Mountain • (Middle

Bottom) Jennifer Nelson winner of Welder at Navajo Mountain.

• (Bottom Far R)

Louise June winner of a Grill at Monument Valley.

Other winners not shown:

• Sheldon Saltclah of Montezuma Creek ‐ Welder • Tisdale Oshley of Blanding Family Practice ‐

Welder • Harold Lyman of Blanding Family Practice ‐ Grill • Dakota Holliday of Blanding

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