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New hires at Blue Mountain Hospital - Medically Speaking, Volume Two, Number Three, 9/11/2014

Jesse Wojtonek

The Blue Mountain Hospital Dietary Department has hired two new employees during the past month.

The first is a transplant from Cleveland, Ohio, with ten years experience as a cook and restaurant industry veteran. Jesse Wojtonek began working in restaurants at age 16. His experience includes employment in corporate franchises, mom and pop restaurants and country clubs. He said his first real kitchen job was working as a dishwasher. He eventually worked his way up to being a cook. Jesse said his background is half-Greek and half-Polish and he learned to use his grandmother's recipes when cooking.

This Ohio native is a die- hard Cleveland fan, who loves football, basketball and hockey. He has a wide variety of interests that include photography and music. He loves blues, plays guitar, bass and banjo, and has a good collection of 'old' vinyl records.

He said he's still adjusting to life in San Juan County, and admits to a bit of 'culture shock' when he first arrived this summer. He misses going to clubs to hear punk rock and touring bands. He misses sporting events and, of course, his mother, two sisters and his brother. But, Jesse says, there is no shortage of things to do in San Juan County. He loves hiking, camping and most things outdoors. We're glad to have Jesse as a member of the Blue Mountain Hospital family.

Michelle Harrison

Michelle Harrison also joined the Dietary staff earlier this month. Michelle is a Blanding native and 2004 graduate of San Juan High School.

She has been living in Springville the past six years and most recently worked as manager at a McDonalds in Utah Valley. She and her husband, who is from Springville, have three children, all girls, ages 6-6 and 4.

Michelle said she's glad to be back in Blanding with family. She said she missed her family, the mountains of San Juan County and the friendliness of the people in Blanding. We're glad to have Michelle back in Blanding, and working at Blue Mountain Hospital. She and Jesse are welcome additions to our family.

John Williams

John Williams is the newest Scrub Tech on the Blue Mountain Hospital OR team, and he brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the position.

Before coming to Blue Mountain Hospital, John worked at San Juan Hospital, in Monticello, for eleven years, where he trained to be a scrub tech. Prior to that, he was an EMT for twelve years. He also served on the volunteer fire department in Pleasant View, Colorado, for twenty-five years.

A native of Telluride, Colorado, John lived in Southwest Colorado until moving to Monticello fourteen years ago. John said he served as Pastor of the 1st Baptist Church, in Monticello, for twenty-one years. He said he still does some preaching around the area and some counseling on the side. John worked in a number of businesses over the years, and he also owned his own insurance business in Cortez, Colorado for several years.

John has two grown children, a boy and a girl. One lives in Texas now and the other lives in Colorado. He also has five grandchildren. He said he's glad to be working at Blue Mountain Hospital and we're glad to have him with us. If you see John tell him hello.

Bri Paulson

Bri Paulson comes to Blue Mountain Hospital from Eagle Mountain, Utah, where she graduated from Westlake High School in 2012.

Blue Mountain Hospital's newest ER Tech has been in Blanding about a year, living with her aunt and uncle, Kate and Troy Palmer, and their family. She moved to Blanding to enroll in the nursing program at the USU-Eastern Blanding Campus. She started the LPN program last summer and expects to finish next May. After that she'll enroll in the RN program. After that she plans to get her Bachelors in Nursing and then study to be a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA).

Bri's mother was a nurse, and from talking to her mother about nursing, Bri decided that was the career for her. She earned her CNA after high school, before moving to Blanding. Once in Blanding, Bri got involved in the EMT program and became a Basic EMT. She hopes to keep working as an EMT while in school.

We're glad to have Bri with us at Blue Mountain Hospital and we wish her luck in her schooling and her career.

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