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Donna Singer steps down as CEO of Blue Mountain Hospital and UNHS - Medically Speaking Volume One, Number Eight 2/13/14

The Blue Mountain Hospital (BMH) Board of Directors met on January 28, 2014, and appointed Jeremy Lyman as the new CEO for the organization. Donna Singer, the previous CEO, stepped down after having been appointed to the position in 2010 when the hospital was on less stable footing. She had indicated to the Board, that when the time came for her to retire, she would recommend Lyman as her replacement.

Singer has served the San Juan County healthcare community for decades. She was the driving force behind Utah Navajo Health System, Inc. (UNHS), and has served as its CEO since inception. She served as BMH CEO for the past three and a half years. Her vision and leadership were instrumental in the success of both organizations.

UNHS was founded in 2000. Singer saw a need to increase access to quality healthcare throughout San Juan County. She started with a humble rock clinic in Montezuma Creek and a shoestring budget. Since then UNHS has expanded to include four clinics in the county, all of them Federally Qualified Community Health Centers. UNHS has become the largest private employer in the county.

Singer did not stop there. After establishing quality primary care for the county she expanded services to include many specialty services, bringing specialists to the people. And if that wasn't enough, her vision was to bring a hospital to the heart of the county in Blanding, Utah. She helped accomplish that when Blue Mountain Hospital opened on July 4, 2009.

Both organizations have transitioned from idea, to infancy, to thriving business under her leadership. She worked tirelessly over the years, put in countless hours, traveled countless miles, and gave her whole heart to the people served. She leaves both companies with a bright future, and the people of San Juan County with access to quality healthcare. Singer reports that she will continue to be involved as a board member at Blue Mountain Hospital and will contract with UNHS to continue offering support where needed.

Lyman was hired in 2010, and has served as CFO for the past two years. When asked about the new assignment, Lyman stated: "I'm excited about the hospital's future. We are very grateful to Donna, her hard work, her dedication, and her leadership. We hope to continue what she started and to continue providing quality healthcare to the people of San Juan County."

UNHS bids fond farewell to organization's heart and soul, welcomes new CEO...Donna Singer, Utah Navajo Health System, Inc. CEO since she helped start the organization in 2000, was honored during a series of farewell parties at various UNHS clinics throughout the county. Above, Singer is flanked by UNHS Board President Robert Whitehorse (L) and new CEO Michael Jensen at the Montezuma Creek party. Staff photo

New CEO at Blue Mountain Hospital...Jeremy Lyman, former CFO at Blue Mountain Hospital, was named CEO by the Hospital Board of Directors, during their January 28 meeting. Lyman was recommended for the position by former CEO Donna Singer. Lyman joined the staff at Blue Mountain Hospital in 2010. He has been CFO for the past two years. Staff photo

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