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Codi Orr is named Blue Mountain Hospital's 2014 Employee of the Year - Medically Speaking, Volume Two, Number Six, 12/18/2014

Codi Orr honored, during annual Blue Mountain Hospital Christmas Party...

Codi Orr (above L) said she wasn't even sure she would be able to attend the December 9 Blue Mountain Hospital Christmas Party, at the Blanding Arts & Events Center. She was out of town until just shortly before the party began. Luckily, she was on hand to receive her Employee of the Year recognition from Human Resource Manager Gail Northern. Codi is not only a key member of the hospital's radiology unit, she is also a good will ambassador for the hospital, going the extra mile to work with patients and make them feel comfortable and welcome. In presenting Codi with her award, and a beautiful photograph by Blanding Photographer Kay Shumway, Northern (above R) quoted Woody Allen. "Woody Allen once said 80% of success is showing up," she said. "But Codi proves that's not true. Her inspiration and dedication makes us all want to come to work every day." In addition to her duties in radiology, and other assets she brings to the hospital, Codi also directed the construction of BMH's Award-Winning 4th of July Parade Float last summer. Congratulations to Codi Orr, the BMH Employee of the Year for 2014. We're all glad you showed up at the party.

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