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BMH Pharmacy offers a host of valuable services

BMH Pharmacy offers a host of valuable services

One of the very exceptional features of Blue Mountain Hospital is the service provided by it's Pharmacy Department.

The hospital's Pharmacy Department is actually divided into two halves. The first is the traditional pharmacy operation, dispensing medications and filling prescriptions for hospital patients and others who bring their prescriptions to the hospital pharmacy.

The second is the Clinical Pharmacy operation. Those working in the clinical pharmacies don't necessarily work in the hospital pharmacy. Instead they more clinics, operated by Utah Navajo Health System, Inc. These clinics are located at the Montezuma Creek, Monument Valley and Navajo Mountain Community Health Centers. The Clinical Pharmacists also work closely with the UNHS Blanding Family Practice Community Health Clinic. The Clinical Pharmacists help determine the lab value of medications prescribed or consider the prescriptions given to clinic patients.

Chad Moses, PharmD, is the Pharmacy Director for Blue Mountain Hospital. As the Director, Chad oversees all aspects of the pharmacy department at Blue Mountain Hospital and all the UNHS clinics.

Albert Noyes, PharmD, is a Clinical Pharmacist and Assistant Pharmacy Director for Blue Mountain Hospital. He oversees the clinical pharmacy operations at the various clinics.

Andy Bayles, Tyler Gilson and Emily Hunter are all PharmD's and Clinical Pharmacists. They work on a rotating basis at all the UNHS Community Health Clinic pharmacies and the Blue Mountain Hospital Pharmacy.

The approach has been to hire a Clinical Pharmacist staff with similar training so all the PharmD's can consult with each other so the Clinical Pharmacists can have a regular presence at all the UNHS clinics. There is a Clinical Pharmacist at the Navajo Mountain Clinic one day each month. A Clinical Pharmacist is at the Monument Valley Community Health Clinic on Tuesdays and Thursdays to work with Angela Konecki, PharmD. The Clinical Pharmacists also work at the Montezuma Creek Community Health Clinic with Craig Crippen, PharmD.

Doug Card is the Pharmacist at the Blue Mountain Hospital Pharmacy. He works with Pharmacy Technicians Keshia Yellow and Regina Lee. The Blue Mountain Hospital Pharmacy is equipped with the most up-to-date equipment available, including a Robotic Medication Dispensing System, Pyxis Automated Software System and an Isolator Hood for the sterile compounding of IV Medications.

The Robotic Dispensing System contains dozens of trays, filled with the mostprescribed medications, in a large cabinet. These medications are automatically dispensed, in the correct amounts, into various sized prescription bottles. The system is controlled by the ScriptPro Platform, a combination of computer hardware and software that ensures centralized control of the medication dispensing technologies. Additionally, the safety and security of each prescription is protected by using a bar coded system to track each prescription every step of the way, from the time it is ordered by a physician to the time it is picked up by the patient. The Robotic Dispensing System makes the Pharmacy Technicians' jobs easier by automatically dispensing the correct number of pills into the correct bottles, thereby eliminating the need to laboriously count the number of pills for each bottle. The system is efficient, safe and cost effective.

These Robotic Dispensing Systems are not standard equipment, and they are not found in every pharmacy, according to Noyes. He said that during his years working in pharmacies in northern Utah, only one other pharmacy had this system. However, the system is in full use at Blue Mountain Hospital's Pharmacy and every UNHS clinical pharmacy in San Juan County.

"This is a huge expense, but it shows the commitment of Blue Mountain Hospital to the highest quality of service for our patients," Noyes said. "The ScriptPro input 100% guarantees the medications ordered by a physician will be dispensed as ordered, with records available if an audit is needed."

The Pyxis© ES system manages medications given to patients within Blue Mountain Hospital or as part of their clinic visit. Pixis© ES and ScriptPro serve similar purposes, but ScriptPro is entirely within the pharmacy itself. Pyxis©, on the other hand, exists as several computerized units in the hospital (inpatient wing, operating room, ER), and within each clinic. Medications needed by patients in these settings such as a flu shot, medications given during a procedure, etc. are dispensed from the Pyxis© units.

"This system is being upgraded for the hospital and expanded into the clinics. It is linked to our commitment to meet the high standards of Joint Commission Accreditation," Noyes add-ed.

Blue Mountain Hospital is one of 14 hospitals across the country that have recently added the new Pyxis©ES Platform System.

Sterile compounding of IV medications is another service provided by the Blue Mountain Hospital pharmacy. The pharmacy's Isolator Hood is used for hospital patients and those brought into the Emergency Room, who require IV medication. Use of the Isolator Hood ensures that IV medications meet federal Iso Class 5 Sterility standards for compounding IV medications. Three of Blue Mountain Hospital's Clinical Pharmacists have received advanced training through the United States Pharmacopeia, qualifying them to work with sterile compounding of IV medications.

Sterile compounding involves a wide array of IV medications. In cases where patients are given medication immediately after it is ordered, sterile compounding is often not required. This is because the medication is given before bacteria, toxins, dust and other contaminants have time to affect the medication. These contaminants can cause fever and allergic reaction in patients administered IV medications that are ordered in advance, or in an emergency situation.

By preparing these medications in the sterile, clean environment of the Isolator Hood, these contaminants can be eliminated. In cases where sterile compounding is not available, patients must be transferred to a location where they can receive IV medication that has undergone sterile compounding or is safe from contamination.

Noyes said not a day goes by that the Isolator Hood is not used. Some days it is only used once, while other days it is used many times. The hospital's Isolator Hood is highly advanced in its technology, at a level just under the level required for hazardous materials or chemotherapy drugs. The pharmacy department's technology demonstrates a huge investment by Blue Mountain Hospital.

"Where else can you find so much technology in a small hospital? Our goal is to get better," Noyes said.

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