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BMH CEO-Setting the Record Straight

This morning's edition of the San Juan Record announces prominently on the first page, "New CEO at Blue Mountain Hospital."

Here's the nice thing about a blog. We can put out a post immediately to correct the inaccuracies contained in the San Juan Record article. First of all, I don't fault the San Juan Record for messing the story up. They stated in their article that, "Officials at Blue Mountain Hospital turned down requests to comment on the developments." As far as I know, officials did not turn down any request, but rather they were unable to reach them. And more to the point, Blue Mountain Hospital (BMH) had nothing to report (although Utah Navajo Health System [UNHS] did have something to report). Either way, I would invite them to contact me at if they have any questions in the future.

For the record, Donna Singer is sill the CEO at BMH. Nothing has changed here. Business as usual. It is true that she stepped down as CEO at UNHS, but BMH and UNHS are two separate entities. They colloborate in many ways and offer a county-wide healthcare system which offers continuity of care for patients, but from a corporate structure, they operate independently of each other. They each have their own board of directors and their own management team. This newsletter article gives a little history of the hospital.

The confusion likely lies in the fact that in the summer of 2010 Donna Singer was appointed as the interum CEO of BMH, and has continued in that capacity to this day. BMH opened in July of 2009, and the CEO at the time was Lorin MacKay. He was replaced by Singer about a year later. She also served as the CEO of UNHS up until now. Her resignation of that position is effective January 31. Michael Jensen has been chosen to succeed her as UNHS CEO, but he will not serve as BMH CEO.

The original CFO at BMH, Carl Flanagan, was also replaced in 2010 by interum CFO, Dennis Hammond. Shortly thereafter I was appointed as CFO and continue to serve in that capacity.

We appreciate the San Juan Record's attempt at reporting the important changes taking place at UNHS.

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