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Navajo Mountain Clinic gets face lift in preparation for upcoming JC visit - Medically Speaking, Volume Three, Number Eight, 2/18/16

The administration and staff at Utah Navajo Health System, Inc. have been busy preparing for the much-anticipated visit from the Joint Commission inspectors. These preparations have included not only medical and clerical preparations, but an emphasis on getting the UNHS clinic facilities looking ship shape as well.

Recently, Bryan Mose and his maintenance crew visited Navajo Mountain to give the inside of the clinic there a face lift and a new coat of paint to improve the appearance of the facility. Bryan, Terry Mose and Marshall Judy spent an entire weekend stripping the walls of everything that could be moved and masking whatever couldn't be moved with tape. The floors were covered with plastic throughout and heavy items and equipment were moved away from some walls so they could be accessed. The walls and ceilings were then repaired where needed, and everything was painted. A three-man paint crew from Monument Valley joined Bryan and his crew to help paint the clinic on Saturday.

"We want to keep everything as clean as possible," Bryan explained as preparations were being made to do the painting. "We will take everything off the walls and once the paint is dry we will put everything back exactly the way it was."

Bryan and his crew took pictures of the walls before items were removed so they could see how they were arranged. Dry wall was repaired where needed and all preparations for painting were done with meticulous care.

"We want to upgrade the interior of the clinic and make it look nice, but we do not want anyone to realize we were even here when we're done," Mose added. "We will put everything back exactly the same as it was. This is a big job but one day we will look back on this and remember that we did the entire project in two days."

Thanks to the efforts of Bryan, Terry and Marshall, and the paint crew from Monument Valley, the interior of Navajo Mountain Community Health Center will be ready for the Joint Commission inspectors. More importantly, it will give the staff and patients at the Navajo Mountain facility a fresh, new atmosphere in which to work and receive medical treatment. The same efforts have been made at other UNHS facilities by the maintenance crews, and we thank them all for their fine work.

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