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Blue Mountain Hospital passes recent Joint Commission survey with flying colors - Medically Speaking, Volume Three, Number Nine, 3/17/16

For the second time in three years, Blue Mountain Hospital has been accredited by the Joint Commission and awarded the Commission's Gold Seal of Approval, following an intensive survey of the facility in January.

According to BMH CEO Jeremy Lyman, the initial survey in January went very well. When an unannounced follow up survey was done the week of February 29 – March 4, the hospital passed with flying colors again, and was granted re-accreditation. Also that week, the State of Utah conducted its own CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) survey. Lyman explained that the State Health Department randomly selects 5 percent of the Joint Commission Accredited hospitals in Utah, and conducts its own CMS survey to make sure the Joint Commission didn't miss anything.

Lyman noted that BMH also passed the CMS survey with flying colors. He said the hospital earned high praise from the CMS State Life Safety Surveyors for its Environment of Care Safety Codes, and 'meticulous, robust electronic documentation'.

"When we were asked about some documentation, we were able to pull it up and it was right there," Lyman said.

Trent Herring, BMH Environment of Care, Safety and Life Safety Manager, said CMS surveyors were pleased that all the hospital's documentation was organized and met all their requirements.

"They were impressed with the forms I'd created and suggested I sell them on the Internet," Herring explained.

According to Herring, he spends 20 to 25 hours a week working on documentation. The rest of his time is spent on his other job as Materials Manager for the hospital. He praised the work of his crew, Burdette Shumway and Kasidy Lyman, who run the hospital's maintenance facilities, and Whitney Lyman in procurement.

"I couldn't ask for better employees," Herring stres-sed.

Jeremy Lyman also noted that the three Nurse surveyors for CMS complimented the entire staff for having an incredibly positive attitude. He said they reported that all the staff was happy, friendly, inviting and welcoming toward all the surveyors. That, they said, was a rare attitude among some of the hospitals and other facilities they have surveyed.

"They said there were a few little things to fix, but bad attitudes among staff is hard to fix," Lyman reported.

As far as the Joint Commission Accreditation is concerned, Lyman has noted in the past that BMH works hard to maintain a level of safety and professionalism that will meet the JC standards in all aspects of operation. He is pleased with the outcome of this year's JC survey and proud of the entire hospital staff for the part they played in making it a successful event.

The Joint Commission's website explains that it has accredited hospitals for more than 60 years, and today it accredits approximately 4,032 general, pediatric, long term acute, psychiatric, rehabilitation and specialty hospitals, and 361 critical access hospitals through a separate accreditation program. Some benefits of Joint Commission Accreditation include:

Patient safety and quality of care issues are at the forefront of Joint Commission standards and initiatives. Achieving accreditation makes a strong statement to the community about an organization's efforts to provide the highest quality services. Joint Commission standards focus on state-of-the-art performance improvement strategies that help health care organizations continuously improve the safety and quality of care, which can reduce the risk of error or low quality care.

Joint Commission surveyors are experienced health care professionals trained to provide expert advice and education services, during the on-site survey. Surveyors come from a variety of health care industries and are assigned to organizations that match their background. The standards also are specific to each accreditation program so each survey is relevant to your industry. Joint Commission accreditation can attract qualified personnel, who prefer to serve in an accredited organization. Accredited organizations also provide additional opportunities for staff to develop their skills and knowledge. Accreditation involves preparing for a survey and maintaining a high level of quality and compliance with the latest standards. Joint Commission accreditation provides guidance to an organization's quality improvement efforts. Being accredited by The Joint Commission helps organizations position for the future of integrated care.

Blue Mountain Hospital is proud to be one of the 361 Critical Access Hospitals, across the nation, to be accredited by the Joint Commission. Our administration and staff are continually working to improve our quality of care and safety standards to ensure our patients the finest health care available, and the most positive health care experience possible, whenever they enter our facility. Thank you for helping make Blue Mountain Hospital a valuable member of our community and for your continued support.

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