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What is it like to meet with the Dietitian? - Medically Speaking, Volume Two, Number Seven, 01/22/15

The usual responses when people find out I'm a dietitian: "Don't look at what I am eating!" Or "Look away! I don't want you to see me eating this bag of flaming hot Cheetos." Here is the truth; it does make me laugh because I feel like the food police; however, I do not judge you for what you are eating, so you do not have to hide your food.

Oh, so what do you eat, do you eat healthy every day? I just make sure that I eat a variety of foods and limit the amount of processed foods I eat. My goal when eating is to maintain a balance of nutrients and to feel my best with what I am eating. This means that I try to avoid over eating, only eating until I no longer feel hungry and eating in balance so that I have enough fiber, protein and carbohydrates that my body needs. I often count the amount of carbohydrates for each meal to help me keep that balance. What this means isI still eat hamburgers, and I eat out but I am conscious about serving sizes.

What do we talk about when I come in to see you? We work on finding a balance of food that works for you. If the reason you are seeing me is because you want to lose weight we discuss eating habits and set goals to help you achieve your weight loss. If you want to have better control of your blood sugar I can help you achieve that through diet and exercise the same way.

We are bombarded with diet information every day. \Some of it is true, some of it is exaggerated, and some of the information is not true. My goal is to help you sort through this information and help you feel your best through the food that you eat and lifestyle you live. No diet is involved, it is more about making connection between what we eat, and how we eat, and how those habits are making us feel.

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