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Governor Herbert and his staff receive VIP tour of Blue Mountain Hospital facilities - Medically Speaking, Volume Tow, Number Nine, 4/9/15

Utah Governor Gary Herbert toured Blue Mountain Hospital, in March, with hospital administrators and Board members, and later held an impromptu question and answer session.

Governor Herbert was joined by several members of his staff including, Deputy Chief of Staff Michael Mower, General Council Jacey Skinner and Communications Director Marty Carpenter. Utah State Senator David Hinkins, who represents San Juan County in the legislature, also join-ed the Governor. Hospital CEO Jeremy Lyman welcomed the Governor, and conducted the tour, along with hospital Board members Bradley Hight, Malcolm Lehi, Lynn Stevens and Donna Singer.

The Governor visited the hospital's Hogan, He learn-ed of its significance and how it is used by BMH patients. He also visited the Dialysis Department, the Emergency Room, Operating Room, Lab, Radiology, Med/Surg and the Bistro. Another stop on the tour that seemed to attract the Governor's attention was the hospital's SteriMed® System 70 waste disposal machine.

This machine permits the disposal of biowaste material with an efficient, environmentally safe, econom- ically sound process that it attracted national attention two years ago. The Governor said he was impressed that the hospital has such a machine.

"It shows there's a better way to dispose of hazardous material than burning," the Governor said. He told Lyman the hospital is doing a great job. "It sure is a blessing you're here," he added.

During the Governor's impromptu question and answer session. he heard from Ute Mountain Ute Tribal Delegates Gary Hayes and Malcolm Lehi.

San Juan County Commissioners Bruce Adams and Rebecca Benally also talked to the Governor about issues such as roads, Gunnison sage grouse and public lands.

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