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ER Tech Appreciation Week at BMH

The week of March 9-13th, was designated as ER Tech Appreciation Week at Blue Mountain hospital.

We have a great team of ER Techs right now, who work very hard. An ER Tech can have a range of certifications. Blue Mountain Hospital has Certified Nurses Assistants, Medical Assistants, LPN's, and Advanced EMT's on our tech crew.

The ER Tech assists the nurses and providers in the ER to help give the best possible care to our patients. They also assist on Med/-Surg when needed. Their other duties include Patient Registration, Coordination of Benefits, EKG's, blood draws, IV starts, vitals, stocking, and any other duties assigned by the ER Nurse, during their shift. ER Techs attend a lot of the trainings that the nurses attend to keep up on what is going on throughout the hospital.

Some of our techs are ACLS trained (Advanced Cardiac Life Support). We have recently started cross training other staff from various departments of the hospital to work as ER Techs. We believe that by having a "Tech Pool" in the hospital, we will be able to keep shifts filled, especially in really busy times when we need two techs on at the same time. Our ER Techs work hard, are always on their feet, and have a myriad of skills and duties that they use every shift. We really appreciate how hard they work, their extensive knowledge of the different departments of the hospital, and their willingness to be a great team players. We really couldn't do without them.

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