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Blue Mountain Hospital holds Active Shooter training exercise in May - Medically Speaking, Volume Two, Number Twelve, 6/18/156

Every year, Blue Mountain Hospital is required to do two full scale exercises as a way to test our system’s response to times of disaster.

We hold trainings throughout the year to make sure our staff know what our policies are and what their role is, regarding different situations that could occur here at the hospital. My job as the Emergency Manager is to make sure:

1- Through history we have an idea what these situations could be.

2- We mitigate and prevent, as much as possible, the effects of these events to our hospital.

3- Our response is adequate to make sure our staff and patients are safe, our building is safe, and we can get back to daily operations as quickly as possible.

Our Full Scale Exercises are designed to be as realistic as possible so we can practice what our response would be in an actual situation. We work with many agencies within the community to help make these exercises effective and successful. We couldn’t do it without the collaborative effort we have seen in the past few years, while planning and designing these exercises. Through these exercises we have fostered some great relationships with other agencies while planning, training and exercising together.

In May, we hosted an Active Shooter exercise here at BMH. Through this exercise we learned what our response would be if we had an active shooter enter our pharmacy. We learned many things during this exercise and, with the help of Blanding Police, San Juan County Sheriff’s office, Blanding Fire, and San Juan County EMS, we were able to have a quick exercise that showed us the areas where we can improve in dealing with this type of situation.

BMH will continue to have two exercises every year and if any agency or community group would like to be a part of the next one, these exercises are always in the planning stages. I am always looking for new ideas for exercises.

We are also happy help with another agency’s exercise by either participating or being an outside evaluator. These can be a lot of fun and we enjoy working with agencies and groups in the community.

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