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UNHS Dental Team has new member at MCC - Medically Speaking, Volume Two, Number Two, 8/21/2014

Dr. Pauline Linhart, DDS, joined the UNHS Dental Staff one month ago, after working four years at the Red Mesa, Clinic, in Red Mesa, Arizona. She said she wanted to do something different, but work somewhere that wasn't far from where lived, in Red Mesa. UNHS was a great option.

Before working in Red Mesa, Dr. Linhart worked in Anchorage, Alaska for two years. She and her husband, who is also a dentist, moved to Red Mesa from Anchorage. Her husband is still a dentist at the Red Mesa Clinic, and the couple lives in the housing there.

Dr. Linhart is a native of Illinois, where she grew up in a suburb of Chicago. She attended the University of Illionois at Chicago Dental School, after receiving her Bachelors Degree from the University of Illinois Champaign. She originally want-ed to be a physician, and then considered becoming a Physicians Assistant. She knew she wanted to work in a medical profession, but also wanted to study art. It was suggested that since she liked to work with her hands, she should try dentistry. It was a perfect fit.

Dr. Linhart says she likes working at the Montezuma Creek Community Health Center. She says the work has a faster pace, and she sees more patients. As a Contract Dentist Dr. Linhart normally works on Thursdays at Montezuma Creek, but some weeks she works more days. She likes the fast pace and says time goes by faster. She likes the patients and the people she works with.

We're glad to have Dr. Linhart onboard as part of the UNHS family. If you see her tell her hello.

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