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Stonie Brown Joins Crew in BMH Laboratory - Medically Speaking, Volume Two, Number Two, 8/21/2014

Stonie Brown is the newest Lab Tech at Blue Mountain Hospital, joining the lab team in mid-July.

Stonie is a Blanding native, and a 1999 graduate of San Juan High School. She's the daughter of Eric and Sharon Bayles. Her husband is a southern California native, who moved his family to Blanding to raise two sons, ages 8 and 3.

Stonie said she has experience working in the medical field, including time in a doctor's office, where she helped with blood draws. She decided she liked the technical side of medicine, and has taken lab tech classes from BMH Lab Manager Ed York, who teaches the Lab Tech classes at the USU-Eastern Blanding Campus. She has a few more classes to complete before earning her Medical Laboratory Technician Certificate.

Stonie also has years of experience working with the public, having worked at The Lunch Box restaurant in Dove Creek and the MD Ranch House, in Monticello. She enjoys working in the lab, and looks forward to learning all aspects of being a Lab Technician.

We are happy to welcome Stonie as part of the Blue Mountain Hospital family.

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