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Quilters Donate Blankets to Babies at BMH - Medically Speaking, Volume One, Number Twelve, 6/12/14

The Grayson Country Quilters have been a valuable partner with Blue Mountain Hospital over the past five years, providing an endless supply of beautiful baby blankets and other handmade items for our patients.

Gayle Marian is currently the President of the Blanding quilters group and she has paid several visits to the hospital in recent months. At the end of May, she brought several new blankets. Besides being President of the Grayson Country Quilters, and credited members of the Grayson Country Quilters, like Bernise Moore and Kathy Redd for helping make the recent batch. But all the members have played a role in this ongoing humanitarian project.

The Grayson Country Quilters meet at the Blanding Senior Center on the third Wednesday of each month at 6:00 p.m. Meetings are open to anyone with a love for, or even a desire to learn quilting. Members usually tie one quilt at each monthly meeting.

Members also participated in the recent 4-H Quilt event at the Blanding Arts & Events Center, teaching young quilters more about the art of quilting. The next big event for the Quilters is the 4th of July Quilt Show at the San Juan Wellness Center. This show is always a hit. They will also host a quilt show at the Bluff Fort for the Bluff Arts Festival, in October.

Other officers of the Quilters group are Karen Kartchner Vice President and Shari Guymon Secretary. We appreciate all they do for Blue Mountain Hospital.

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