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New employees at BMH - Medically Speaking, Volume Two, Number One, 7/17/14

Stacey Meeks is newest member of BMH Lab crew

Stacey Meeks began working as a Lab Technician at Blue Mountain Hospital on July 1, and she said she enjoys the work.

Stacey is no stranger to the type of work done in the BMH lab. After earning her Bachelors Degree in Biology from Cal State Fullerton, she spent ten years working for the American Red Cross. She was working at home for the Red Cross, when she first moved to Blanding. At that time, her husband, Walter, was a pilot for Eagle Air Med. Stacey and her family moved to Hawaii in 2011, when her husband was transferred there for work.

The family moved back to Blanding in June and Stacey took advantage of an opportunity to work for Lab Manager Ed York and his crew in the Blue Mountain Hospital Lab. She said she finds the work interesting and different from her work with the Red Cross. She said she's learning a lot of new things and doing more tests than with her other work. She is also planning on taking some Lab Tech classes from Ed York at the USU-Eastern Blanding Campus to earn her MLT (Medical Laboratory Technician) certification.

Stacey and her husband have two children, Keira – age 7, and Katelyn – age 2. Stacey is a great new addition to Blue Mountain Hospital and we're glad to have her as part of our family.

New BMH Lab Tech at home running lab or a 5k race

Blaire Bitsinnie is one of those dedicated high school athletes, who turned her passion for running into a career that has nothing to do with running.

Blaire started working in the Blue Mountain Hospital Lab in May, armed with a Bachelors Degree in Cellular and Molecular Biology from Fort Lewis College, in Durango, Colorado, and a love for all things 'Lab.'

"My favorite part about that was working in the lab," Blaire said. "I attended Whitehorse High School and there weren't a lot of opportunities to study biology or chemistry. I took my first biology class at Diné College."

Her first biology and chemistry courses were offered while she was attending Diné College, in Tsaile, Arizona, on a running scholarship. Blaire is a 2006 graduate of Whitehorse High School, where she excelled in Cross Country and Track & Field. After two years at Diné College, Blaire transferred to Fort Lewis, staying close to her home in Red Mesa, and her parents, Mark and Roselyn Maryboy.

Blaire is currently taking Lab Tech classes at the USU-Eastern Blanding Campus from Lab Manager Ed York, who also teaches the Lab Tech course at the college. She has two semesters to complete her MLT (Medical Laboratory Technician) Certification.

"I am so fortunate to be working so close to home," Blaire said. "I like it a lot here. I like the atmosphere, the staff, and the location. My favorite part is performing the labs, getting to know what machine does what, and what exactly the chemistry is behind it."

Blaire and her husband Gourdin still live in Red Mesa, although Gourdin is away a lot, working as a pipefitter and welder for Elk Horn Construction, in Oklahoma. Gourdin is a 2004 graduate of San Juan High School.

Blaire has actually found a way to stay close to her passion of running, as coach for the Whitehorse High School Girls' Cross Country Team. She's about to begin her second year of coaching the Raiders girls. We wish her luck with the Cross Country Team and we welcome her to the Blue Mountain Hospital family.

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