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New FNP at UNHS MCC - Medically Speaking, Volume Two, Number Two, 8/21/2014

Marcy Meiers is a native of Atlanta, Georgia, who moved to Durango, Colorado in 1996, and has lived in Mancos and Durango for the past eighteen years, before joining UNHS as an FNP in July.

Meiers has a strong background in womens health and pre-natal care. She is also a Certified Midwife, although she does not do deliveries for UNHS. She said her first inclination was to study psychology, until her father, who is a doctor, convinced her to study nursing instead.

Meiers graduated from The Medical College of Georgia, at Athens, and then attended graduate school at Binghamton University, in New York, where she received a Masters as a Family Nurse Practitioner. She later attended Baylor University, in Houston, Texas, and received her Post Masters in Midwifery.

Meiers has experience working for family doctors in Durango, and later she worked ten years for the Colorado Department of Health specializing in womens health. She also taught a year-and-a-half at Southwest Colorado Community College, in Durango.

Earlier this year she was commuting to Denver to work in a clinic, before she received information about UNHS in an email on the Internet. She called the recruiter, thinking Montezuma Creek had to be somewhat close to Durango.

"I always loved this part of the southwest and I wanted to work with the Navajo culture. So that's how I got here," she explained.

Marcy Meiers began working for UNHS at the Montezuma Creek Community Health Center in July. She works three 12-hour shifts each week and then returns to Durango and her three children, a daughter-14, and two sons ages 13 and 8. While in Montezuma Creek she stays in the UNHS housing.

"I usually work until 8:30 or 9:00 p.m. It allows me to focus on my work and my patients. I don't have to rush home and cook dinner. I just go to sleep and then I come back," Meiers said. "The people here seem very appreciative of the time you spend with them. They haven't had just the preventative care that they need, so it's way more complex, medically, than in suburbia. The people are very good. I like working here. It's a challenge.

"Everyone here is very calm, and they're not rushing around. I'm pretty laid back anyway, so that's good for me," she added. "The staff is super nice,"

Marcy likes running, hiking, spirituality and music. She has an appreciation for live music. Mostly, she's dedicated to serving her patients, and working with the people at UNHS. We're glad to have her with us.

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