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Moran Eye Center to hold free cataract screening clinic Saturday - Medically Speaking, Volume One, Number Eleven, 5/8/14

Moran Eye Center to hold free cataract screening clinic Saturday

On May 10 residents of San Juan County can receive a free cataract screening at the UNHS Community Health Center in Montezuma Creek, and possibly qualify for free cataract surgery at Blue Mountain Hospital.

Last September the Moran Eye Center from the University of Utah, in conjunction with Utah Navajo Health System, Inc. and The Hope Alliance, conducted two very successful vision clinics in San Juan County. Because the previous visit was so successful, the Moran Eye Center has announced a free cataract-screening clinic, in Montezuma Creek. According to UNHS CEO Michael Jensen, the screenings are intended to find patients, who meet the criteria for cataract surgery. Jensen said the goal is to screen seventy-five patients, or more, to find those who meet the criteria, and arrange to have free cataract surgery done at Blue Mountain Hospital, in Blanding.

"The Moran Eye Center from the U of U came down last fall and offered free eye glasses to anyone who needed them," Jensen explained. "They were so impressed with our staff and commitment to helping the underserved that they are coming back to Montezuma Creek to screen for patients who need cataract surgery."

Jensen stressed that the screenings and the surgery, for those who qualify, are absolutely free to the patients. This service is being offered by the Moran Eye Center as a way of helping those in need, who can't afford to have this procedure done on their own. Blue Mountain Hospital CEO, Jeremy Lyman, said those who qualify for surgery can have that surgery done at BMH on June 20. He also stressed that the surgery is free.

To make an appointment for a free cataract screening on May 10, call Sylvia Ben at the UNHS Montezuma Creek Community Health Center 435-651-3721. You can also contact her at This program is being offered to all patients, regardless of race or income level.

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