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Kori Keylon is new PA-C at Montezuma Creek Clinic - Medically Speaking, Volume One, Number Eight, 3/13/14

Kori Keylon is new PA-C at Montezuma Creek Clinic

Kori Keylon was just minding her own business as a Cat Scan/Nuclear Medicine Tech at the Intermountain Medical Center, in Murray, Utah, when she made a decision that eventually changed her life.

In 2003 Kori began doing humanitarian work in Ecuador and she loved it. She returned again in 2006 and she said that trip helped change her life.

"That's a large part of why I decided to go back to school. I wanted to do more for patients. In every small town we visited down there the people were always in need of a medical professional," Kori explained. So with the encouragement of her parents, Harold and Marlene Keylon, of Blanding, she returned the University of Utah in 2009 and trained to become a PA-C. She graduated in August 2013 and began working for Utah Navajo Health System, Inc., at the Montezuma Creek Clinic, on January 6 of this year.

Not bad for a Blanding girl, who graduated from San Juan High School in 1996 and whose goal in life, at one point in her high school career, was to sit in front of the old Star Store (on the corner of Main and Center) and spit at tourists. Kori laughs when this is mentioned, and she says several people in town remember her making this comment. She explains that tourists used to pass by her grandmother's house on the way to the Edge of the Cedars Museum and often stopped to ask directions. She became disenchanted with tourists. Fortunately for the rest of us, Kori decided on a different life path.

She received an Associates Degree from the College of Eastern Utah-Blanding Campus. She attended Utah State University for her undergraduate work, where she received Bachelors Degrees in Liberal Arts and Ecology. She received all her medical training at the University of Utah.

During her humanitarian visit to Ecuador in 2006, Kori not only discovered a love for serving people, she also met her future husband, Ignacio. Kori and Ignacio live in Blanding, and Ignacio is currently working to become a United States citizen. He is an artist, who specializes in making jewelry and a number of other items from natural materials. He grew up on a ranch in Ecuador.

Kori said she is enjoying her work with UNHS and loves the teamwork and comradery she's seen among the staff at UNHS.

"Everyone works together and everyone is so nice. There's no jealousy or bad feelings like in a lot of other medical organizations. I really like that," Kori said. She said she still looks forward to doing more humanitarian work at some point, possibly in Ecuador.

We're glad to have Kori as part of the staff at Montezuma Creek and we welcome her to the UNHS family.

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