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Jordon Bradford is new Dialysis Manager at BMH - Medically Speaking, Volume Two, Number Six, 12/18/2014

Blue Mountain Hospital sunk its roots deeper into the Blanding community in November with the announcement that a born-and-raised Blandingite is the hospital's new Dialysis Nurse Manager.

Jordon Bradford began working in the BMH Dialysis Unit in May, 2011, after completing his RN Training at the Utah State University – Eastern, Blanding Campus. He was a Dialysis Nurse for some time and worked his way up to a Clinical Coordinator position. In August of this year, Bradford was named the Interim Dialysis Manager, when Laurie Okkema left the hospital. Okkema was the only Dialysis Manager the hospital had ever had, coming onboard before BMH opened in 2009. Bradford now becomes the second Dialysis Manager, after his 3-month stint in the interim position.

"Jordon proved early on that he was willing to put forth extra effort and work hard to help make the dialysis department successful," said Blue Mountain Hospital CEO Jeremy Lyman. "His focus is on the needs of the patients and providing a positive work environment for staff. He cares about the quality of care provided, patient safety, overall patient experience, and improved clinical outcomes. He was trained by Laurie, who set up a top-notch dialysis program, and we have every confidence that he will pick up where she left off and continue to find ways to improve the program."

Bradford is the son of Mark and Julie Bradford, of Blanding. He graduated from San Juan High School in 2005. He also received his Associates of Science Degree from the College of Eastern Utah at the same time. Bradford later served a two-year mission for the LDS Church in Portland, Oregon.

After his mission, Bradford returned to Blanding and worked at the IUC Uranium Mill for a-year-and-a-half, before deciding to pursue a career in healthcare. He returned to school in Blanding and received his LPN from the College of Eastern Utah and his RN from the newly created USU-Eastern, Blanding Campus. Bradford also completed his Bachelors of Nursing Degree from Grand Canyon University, of Arizona, in October.

According to Bradford, his first interest in healthcare came during high school, when he took a concurrent college class from CEU in Anatomy. When he finally decided to pursue nursing as a career, he considered the fact that healthcare was a growing field with a future that offered jobs for everyone who wanted a job. He said he's glad he made that decision.

Bradford has one younger brother and three older sisters, but he's the only one of the five children still living in Blanding. He is married to another Blanding native, Kendra Lyman (daughter of David and Ramona Lyman). The couple has a three-year-old son, Jag. They are expecting a daughter in February.

Bradford said he doesn't anticipate many changes in the Dialysis Unit, besides some new staff members. Clarilene Filfred and Cody Cosby were recently added as Diaylsis Techs, and Dashelle Holliday is the newest Dialysis Nurse. Bradford said he has a great staff, and he looks forward to the challenge of his new job.

Congratulations to Jordon Bradford on his new position, and best of luck.

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