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Blue Mountain Hospital honors volunteers - Medically Speaking, Volume One, Number Eleven 5/8/14

Blue Mountain Hospital honors volunteers

Administration and staff at Blue Mountain Hospital paid tribute to it's corps of hard-working volunteers last month, during the annual Volunteer Recognition Luncheon.

Administrative Assistant and Volunteer Coordinator Katie Shumway welcomed the volunteers and members of the hospital staff to the luncheon. She passed out special certificates and gifts, expressing the hospital's appreciation for the work the volunteers perform each week. She called the gifts, 'A Volunteer Survival Kit' and explained that the kits included; a bandaid-for all the aid volunteers provide, an Almond Joy for all the joy volunteers bring to the lives of others, a Life Saver to remind the volunteers that they are appreciated 'a whole lot', a mint to show gratitude for thier commitment, a Tootsie Roll for all the important roles volunteers play, a rubber band to remind volunteers to stay flexible and a crayon to color their days cheerful and bright.

"I just want to thank you guys. I am so happy that we have you," Shumway told the volunteers.

Those volunteers in attendance included: Voluteer Director Joel Tate and Barbara Tate, former Volunteer Director Harold Lyman and Arlene Lyman, Candice Lyman, Janie Palmer and Becca Pipkin. Special guests Milt Pipkin and Sharon Smith were also in attendance.

Along with Shumway, the hospital was represented by CEO Jeremy Lyman, Director of Clinical Services Kent Turek, Human Resources Manager Gail Northern and Environment of Care Director/Materials Manager Trent Herring.

"Thanks for taking such good care of us, and sponsoring this nice event," said Harold Lyman in a brief statement. "It's great to be recognized. Thanks to Jeremy (Lyman) for continuing on with the fine job of administering our hospital. Everything I hear is very positive as I knew it would be, and I'm delighted to still be part of it. It's just a joy to see what's going on here and see the great progress and success that's being made all the time. "

Lyman told the group he's thought about retiring from his volunteer position, but then he said, "It's a pretty meager effort to put in less that two hours a week down here and it's so rewarding and satisfying. I think of some of the motivational stuff I read all the time and some of the concepts and beliefs that I believe in that contribute to my desire to stay involved. One is that the human mind was never designed to stop creating. Every day create some value in your life or the lives of others in society.

"Most people go through life maintaining what others have created. But to really get the satisfaction out of life that's available to us all, it's better if we can develop the philosophy of doing something every day that creates a value," Lyman continued, quoting a book he'd read. "I don't know if I create value spending a couple of hours down here, but I know I create value in my life.

"I want to express appreciation to Joel (Tate) for picking up the leadership role in this organization. He's done some great things and I enjoy working with him and appreciate his great work. Everyone else whose been involved is an inspiration to me. Just being in the dialysis unit once a week is certainly inspiring to see the care the people get, and the people who come in three times a week and get lifesaving care and treatment that's necessary. So anyway, I hope I'm here next year to do this again. At least that's my intent as part of my effort to create a little value along the way."

"I'll just take a moment to thank all of you for everything you do, for volunteering here," said BMH CEO Jeremy Lyman. "You are adding value, absolutely, everyone of you. No matter how much time you spend here, when you are here, it's greatly appreciated by the patients, by the staff and by all of us, so thank you."

Blue Mountain Hospital opened its doors in July, 2009. The BMH Volunteer program began with a fundraiser in the fall of 2009, to help raise funds for the program. Volunteers began working in the hospital in January 2010. If you'd like information about the volunteer program, or becoming a volunteer, call Joel Tate at 678-2865 or Katie Shum-way at 678-3993

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