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BMH Presented National Award - Medically Speaking, Volume One, Number Eight, 2/13/14

Blue Mountain Hospital was visited by dignitaries from the Utah Hospital Association and Utah Department of Health last month for the presentation of a prestigious national Critical Access Hospital award.

Greg Rosenvall, coordinator for Utah's Medicare Rural Hospital Flexibility (FLEX) Program made the presentation to Blue Mountain Hospital CEO Donna Singer, CFO Jeremy Lyman and Director of Clinical Services Kent Turek and HR Director Gail Northern. Joining Rosenvall were former Utah Lt. Governor Greg Bell, now President/CEO of the Utah Hospital Association, and Don Wood - Director of the Office of Primary Care and Rural Health for the Utah Department of Health.

"I just can't even tell you how many people have worked to earn this award," Singer told Rosenvall.

"You all deserve to be complimented," Rosenvall responded. "It's a marvelous thing. This is a national award and you should be very proud."

The announcement of this Critical Access Hospital Recognition Award was announced in September, 2013. It was established by The National Rural Health Resource Center and the Federal Office of Rural Health Policy. The award recognizes the excellent work in critical access hospitals (CAH) throughout the country. The recognition promotes excellence and innovation, and honors the achievements and results of critical access hospitals, while publicizing successful strategies.

"Blue Mountain Hospital has achieved so many remarkable accomplishments, and over a relatively short period of time," said Rosenvall in announcing the award in September. "Current leadership has changed the direction of the entity in a very positive way. The vision of the organization is founded in always doing what is best for the patient and community. They are making continual improvement in all areas of healthcare, including meeting the specific needs of the communities they serve. This is a well-deserved recognition for all associated with Blue Mountain Hospital."

Following the presentation the group toured Blue Mountain Hospital and the Utah Navajo Health System, Inc. Blanding Family Practice Community Health Clinic. Singer later reported that the group was very impressed, adding some very sterling praise from Bell. She explained that the group spent a couple of hours touring the facilities.

"When they went to leave, Greg Bell said, 'I want you to know that I've never felt, in any medical facility I've ever been in, have I felt what I feel in this building. He said there's a warmth here. There's a caring. There's a feeling here that everybody's happy and enjoys what they're doing and it's they're hospital.'

"And he said, 'I literally, physically feel that.' Very different, he said, from the last hospital that I was in," Singer said.

Wood and Rosenvall both had similar comments regarding their tour of Blue Mountain Hospital, which was only one of five Critical Access Hospitals across the country to earn the award.

"We are humbled to receive this recognition and hope to continue to foster strong relationships with our patients, the local community, and our partners in the healthcare delivery system," said Hospital CFO Jeremy Lyman when the award was announced last fall. Lyman has been nam-ed BMH CEO after the recent announcement that Donna Singer has resigned as hospital CEO

BMH receives national award...Blue Mountain Hospital recently received the National Critical Access Hospital Recognition Award, honoring excellence, innovation, achievement and results of critical access hospitals, while publicizing successful strategies. Shown are Kent Turek, Greg Bell, Gail Northern, Greg Rosenvall, Donna Singer, Don Wood and Jeremy Lyman. Staff photo

UNHS Board of Directors recognize BMH National Award...Members of the Utah Navajo Health System, Inc. Board of Directors were pleased to recognize the National Critical Access Hospital Award received by Blue Mountain Hospital in January. Board members include: Back Row (L-R) Wilfred Jones, Jamie Harvey, Ed Tapaha, Melinda Farley, Kenneth Miles, Lorrissa Jackson and Cassandra Beletso. Front Row (L-R) Donna Singer- former CEO, Harriet Lansing, Gloria Begaye and Board Chairman Robert Whitehorse. Donna Singer, Wilfred Jones and Gloria Begaye also sit on the Blue Mountain Hospital Board of Directors. Photo by Earl Lee

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