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Salt Lake Dentist donates services at MCC Clinic - Medically Speaking, Volume One, Number Two, 5/15/13

Salt Lake Dentist donates services at MCC Clinic

Last month's Building Youth Around the World experience in the Montezuma Creek area also brought the services of Dr. Jeffrey Burg, a Pediatric Dentist from the Salt Lake area, to the Montezuma Creek clinic.

Burg was a missionary companion of Ian McCracken, founder of Building Youth Around the World, but the two hadn't seen each other in nearly twenty years, not since their mission. A few years ago, Burg read about Braedon McCracken's Eagle Scout project to the Philippines, and he called Ian. Ian told Jeff about his foundation, and the work they were doing. From that conversation, Jeff's company, Burg Pediatric Dentistry, with eight offices in the Salt Lake City area, donated money to the Building Youth foundation, and got involved that way.

Then last year Jeff and his daughter Hailey went with Building Youth Around the World to Samoa. There were no dental facilities in Samoa so Jeff did other work. But Ian told him there was a dental clinic in Montezuma Creek, where this year's project was scheduled. Ian came down two or three times during the past year to talk with Dr. Brian Olsen and make arrangements for Burg to help in the Montezuma Creek clinic.

Burg said Dr. Olsen was very accommodating and easy to work with. As a Pediatric Dentist Dr. Burg worked at the clinic three days, giving examinations, checkups, fillings and crowns.

"It was great. They have a very nice facility with six chairs. That's the number of chairs we have in our biggest office," Burg said.

According to Burg, one of the cool things that could come out of his experience with Dr. Olsen, is the possibility that Olsen might initiate a program similar to one Burg's company uses when working with children, who are apprehensive and afraid of dental visits.

"One of the things we offer in Salt Lake is for patients that feel apprehensive, and we just can't get work done in the office. We have Nurse Anesthetist come to our surgical center and give the patient an IV," Burg said. He explained that this service helps dentists in his group get the work done when treating children.

Burg said Dr. Olsen learned there was a Nurse Anesthetist on staff with UNHS, and he may consider offering this service right in the clinic.

"It's a great service for kids who are very fearful and very anxious, where it's too tough to get the work done," Burg explained. "It's nice to have as an extra option, to have an Anesthetist give them an IV to keep them sedated and get all the work done while they are basically asleep, and then when they wake up all the work is done and they don't have a bad experience. It's a great service because without it you either have to force the issue or, here, you might have to go to Monticello or Salt Lake."

Dr. Olsen confirms that UNHS is working to initiate a Nurse Anesthetist program for his pediatric dental patients.

"Yes we are going to begin using a nurse anesthetist to sedate children in our clinic. We have started the ball rolling but we currently don't know when it will begin. UNHS has it's own nurse anesthetist, and he will be the one sedating the kids in our office. We will have certain criteria that will need to be met before they can be sedated," Olsen said, adding that all the information needed to start the Nurse Anesthetist program hasn't been compiled as yet.

Besides working with children at the UNHS clinic, Dr. Burg's trip to Montezuma Creek was a real family affair. He and his entire family made the trip to help the people in the Montezuma Creek area. He was joined by his daughters Audrey – 10, Katie – 17, Hailey – 18, his son John – 12 and his wife – Lisa. Dr. Burg said with Building Youth Around the World and is looking forward to going to Samoa next year.

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