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Dr. McCullough joins staff of UNHS and BMH - Medically Speaking, Volume One, Number Two, 8/15/13

Dr. McCullough joins staff of UNHS and BMH

Dr. Casey McCullough moved his family to Blanding on July 1 and, like many newcomers, took an instant liking to the mountains, canyons, dry climate and recreational opportunities, but that wasn't the best thing.

"The absence of mosquitoes," McCullough said, is one of the things his family likes best. The Doctor and his family spent the past three years in College Station, Texas, where he did his residency at Texas A&M University. He loved the University, but the mosquitoes were hard to take.

"In Texas it's hot and humid and there are lots of mosquitoes. You can't even use your back yard because you get bit," he explained. He said the other thing his family has noticed is the friendliness of the people in Blanding. After spending the 4th of July in town, he said it was a great experience. The people were nice and there was a lot to do.

Dr. McCullough said Blanding is a little larger than Panguitch, Utah, where he grew up. He is the son of a Physician's Assistant, who worked at the Garfield Memorial Hospital. He has four brothers and one sister. He wrestled for Panguitch High School, until he discovered he liked snowboarding better. After high school he went to Southern Utah University. He served a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Georgia, Macon Mission. He then returned to Cedar City and finished his undergraduate degree at school at Washington University, in St. Louis, Missouri, before going to Texas for his residency.

While at SUU Dr. McCullough also started dating his wife, Lacie, a native of St. George. He and Lacie have been married nine years and they have four children. Ryan is 7, Evelyn is 5, Keegan is 3 and Eisen is 2 months old.

Dr. McCullough is trained in Family Medicine. He is also trained in Obstetrics and can perform C-Sections, Screen Colonoscopies and Office Tubal Ligation. He is employed by Utah Navajo Health System, Inc., but he will also practice Obstetrics at Blue Mountain Hospital and work in the BMH Emergency Room.

Dr. McCullough says he and his family love Blanding. He said working in a small town was an absolute requirement for he and his wife. He interviewed at several places, and decided Blanding was the right place for his family. The McCulloughs love to hike and camp. The Doctor loves rock climbing and all types of outdoor recreation.

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