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Disaster victims get full treatment during last month's drill...Decontamination Shower...

Blanding Firefighter set up this portable decontamination area to assist in last month's mock disaster drill. The unit was set up across from Blue Mountain Hospital, where mock disaster victims, Nick Fox (Standing) and Charlotte Gibbons (on stretcher) were run through the full process, before being transported to the hospital. Staff Photo

Decontamination Shower

One of the victims of last month's mock disaster is sprayed down before being admitted to the Blue Mountain Hospital Emergency Room. The mock disaster involved a number of emergency services agencies and the hospital. Staff Photo

Patient with Conaminated foot

Trent Herring (L) and Troy Palmer (R) help this young man, who was treated for sulfuric acid exposure to his foot, during the mock disaster in November. Staff Photo

Blue Mountain Hospital providers and staff during moke disaster

Dr. Gene Key and members of the Blue Mountain Hospital nursing staff attend to a patient during last month's mock disaster. Eight victims were brought to the hospital's Emergency Room after being exposed to a mock sulfuric acid leak caused by a mock accident between as tanker truck and an SUV near ShirtTail Corner on Highway 95. The drill involved Fire/Rescue, EMS, law enforcement and safety personnel from the White Mesa Mill. Staff Photo

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