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Welcome to the BMH Blog!

About a year ago I was attending a workshop at the UHA (Utah Hospital Association) Fall Leadership Conference at Zermatt Resort in Midway, Utah. The presenter was Lee Aase, the Director of Mayo Clinic's Center for Social Media. He shared with us the importance of using social media as a healthcare organization in today's digital age.

He showed us examples of healthcare organizations successfully using Twitter (follow us! @BlueMtnHospital), Facebook (Like us here -->, and blogs (and YouTube and probably some other social media avenues as well).

It has taken us a year to try to start using all of those social media tools. Our intent is to engage the community we serve, to provide useful information, and to show the human side of our organization. So this is our debut blog post.

Mr. Aase showed us a little video clip that he had uploaded to YouTube and blogged about it on the Mayo Clinic blog. It's worth clicking through, reading the blog post, and watching the video.

We don't have a piano here at Blue Mountain Hospital (yet), but we're hoping that we can connect with patients, visitors, and the community in similar ways using social media platforms.

Most of you that live in San Juan County have probably noticed that we mail out a monthly newsletter (to all of you). We will continue doing that, but this blog will serve as another outlet, one that is more spontaneous, more immediate, and likely a little more personal and representative of the human side of Blue Mountain Hospital.

Some of you may have read our newsletter post about the arsenic levels in Blanding's well water. This is an example of a community issue that we wanted to weigh in on, and that we would have preferred an outlet like this blog rather than having to wait until the next newsletter was to be published. Not only that, but it would be nice to have an outlet like this where we can easily put out updates on the issue, and the community can easily share the information with each other and participate in the discussion.

You may be interested to know that we reported arsenic levels of 16.5 ppb and 15.5 ppb when we wrote the newsletter piece, but since then our test has come back with a level of 11.6 ppb. Since all of the city's tests have returned levels around 11 ppb, we don't know how to explain the higher levels we tested earlier on. We will continue to monitor the levels and will be happy to share the results with all of you.

Hopefully this blog will serve as an outlet for information, and also as a means for us to reach out to the community and to engage the community in the discussion.

You may have noticed that the Mayo Clinic YouTube video has nearly 10,000,000 views now. We're hoping this blog post will do even better, so please share!

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